Darrah, J., Yuan, S., Liebreich, H., Liu, L., Barile, J. P., & Pruitt, A. S.
Hawai‘i Sociological Association 38th Annual Conference: Land, Sea, and Food: Sociology and Environmental Change, Kanē‘ohe, H.I.
Publication year: 2017

Homelessness is one of the most pressing social problems facing Hawaiʻi.  Social scientists have an important role to play in deepening and improving policy debates about homelessness.  Panel members—faculty and students conducting research on homelessness—will share selected results from their ongoing research and evaluation projects and will discuss how their research sheds light on the state of homelessness in Hawaii.  This panel aims to stimulate new research on homelessness in Hawaiʻi and to envision ways that social scientists can enhance public understanding and improve policy options.  Panel members will discuss the following issues:

The state of homelessness in Hawaiʻi:

  • What are the primary causes of homelessness in Hawaiʻi?
  • How have local homelessness rates changed over time, and why?
  • What best describes individuals experiencing homelessness in Hawaiʻi?

Addressing homelessness in Hawaiʻi:

  • What data sources and evaluation techniques are being used to monitor progress in Hawaiʻi?
  • What are the most promising policy and program interventions addressing homelessness?

The role of social science:

  • What insights can social scientists bring to our understanding of the causes, consequences and potential solutions to homelessness in Hawaiʻi?
  • How can social scientists studying homelessness address the limitations of media and policy discourses on homelessness in Hawaiʻi?