Barile, J. P., Smith, A., & Agner, J.
American Evaluation Association 2016 Conference: Evaluation + Design, Atlanta, G.A.
Publication year: 2016

Housing First is a community intervention that rapidly provides permanent, affordable housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Housing First does not require individuals to demonstrate that they are “housing ready” before placement; instead, the program houses people first and then provides support services in the form of intensive case management to all individuals upon their initial assessment and throughout the housing process.

This presentation will provide an overview of our approach to monitoring the process and impact of a Housing First program initiated by the City and County of Honolulu in November of 2014. Since this time, over 200 individuals and families have been enrolled in the program. Using a mixed methods approach, our evaluation of the first year of the program found that despite adaptions to the program model, individuals and families enrolled in the program reported improved, physical health, mental health, and satisfaction with life.