Pruitt, A. S., Pacheco, L., Geil, J., & Koshiba, J.
Paper presented at the 2022 National Health Care For The Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium, Seattle, W.A.
Publication year: 2022

This presentation discusses a partnership between an advocacy group and leaders of an unhoused community in Honolulu, HI. Together, these groups have engaged in community-building projects that aim to change harmful narratives around homelessness, build leadership among houseless individuals, and bridge the gap between housed and unhoused community members. Rooted in the concept of aloha and centering the perspectives of individuals who have lived experience, this partnership developed a new model of service provision and communal living based in Native Hawaiian values. This presentation presents a logic model and evidence for the model, as well as demonstrates the importance of centering the voices of unhoused individuals in housing and health policy and services.