Community-based participatory research engages community members as co-researchers on projects that directly work to improve the community and its members. It attempts to share power among stakeholders, lessening the divide between the researcher and the researched. Given my work with marginalized groups and in indigenous communities, much of my work takes a participatory approach.

Photovoice Exhibits

  • Photovoice 2.0 Exhibit, Hamilton Library, Dec. 2018

    The Lived Experiences 2.0: Continuing Recovery from Homelessness exhibit was displayed at UHM Hamilton Library Bridge Gallery December 12, 2018 – January 11, 2019. This exhibit features photographs from a follow-up Photovoice study Anna conducted with Housing First client co-researchers. Conducted 2.5 years after the original study, this research study explored experiences with homelessness, Housing First, and everyday life. The exhibit includes photos featuring themes related to community, stigma, past and present homes, and companionship.

  • Photovoice 1.0 Exhibit, Hamilton Library, Nov. 2018

  • Photovoice 1.0 Exhibit, Honolulu Hale, July 2016