Pruitt. A. S., McKinsey, E., & Barile, J.
Prepared for the Institute for Human Services, I.H.S. and the City & County of Honolulu, Honolulu, H.I.
Publication year: 2020

This report is the fifth installment of an ongoing program evaluation and examines the first five years of the program, highlighting the fifth year. Since 2014, the evaluation has attempted to: understand HF process and implementation; examine adherence to HF fidelity; detect outcomes and impacts; and asses achievement of goals and objectives. Overall, 92% of all HF clients have not returned to homelessness. The majority of clients who have exited to permanent housing, entered the program in Year 1 and exited in Year 4 or 5, suggesting time to housing stability may take 3-4 years. Clients reported improvements in mental and physical health, and 77% of surveyed clients reported not using illegal drugs in the past month. Additionally, the program saw a 26% reduction in ER uses suggesting societal-level impacts as well as individual-level impacts.