Pruitt, A. S. & Barile, J. P.
Prepared for the Institute of Human Services and the City & County of Honolulu, Honolulu, H.I.
Publication year: 2018

This evaluation examines Housing First program process and outcomes from years 1-3. Particularly, it assesses client impacts, examines fidelity to the model, and documents program implementation. Data consists of client responses to monthly surveys, fieldnotes from participant observations of program components, qualitative interviews with staff & clients, and archival/program data. This mixed-methods evaluation used thematic coding of qualitative interviews and fieldnotes, Photovoice methodology, and latent class analysis & growth analysis of client survey data. Findings show that since year 1, 86% of clients have not returned to homelessness. Additionally, clients report low to moderate stress and hope for the future. ER use, hospital stays, arrests, and incarceration has declined dramatically since the start of the program. These improvements persist despite continued high caseloads and significant challenges. We recommend funders provide additional funding for more case managers to lessen caseloads.