Terry, J., Smith, A., Warren, P., Miller, M., McQuillin, S., Wolfer, T., & Weist, M.
Journal of Psychology and Theology, 43(3)
Publication year: 2015

Faith-based organizations (FBOs) are increasingly in- volved in providing a range of services in communities and research indicates that such involvement will increase in the future. However, like other types of organizations, FBOs generally have been slow to embrace evidence-based practices (EBPs)—those that have scientific evidence of being beneficial. We contend that incorporating EBPs into both new and existing FBOs’ service programs can enhance their effectiveness. In this paper, we discuss sev- eral relevant issues when implementing EBPs within FBO service. In this discussion we briefly explore FBO service provision, public policy to increase funding for FBO ser- vice, criteria for EBPs, and provide some considerations for future applications of EBPs within FBOs.