Smith, A. R. & Scarbrough, S.
Hawai‘i-Pacific Evaluation Association 2016 Conference: Demystifying Evaluation: Better Designs for Useful Results, Kanē‘ohe, H.I.
Publication year: 2018

This demonstration will illustrate the advantages of using Photovoice in program evaluation. Photovoice is a community-based participatory research methodology that seeks to: 1) to enable people to record their community’s strengths and concerns through photography; 2) to promote critical dialogue about issues generated through these photographs; and 3) to communicate these issues to policy makers in order to impact decisions (Wang & Burris, 1997). Photovoice methods are especially useful when evaluating programs that work with marginalized groups, youth, and indigenous populations. This demonstration will include an introduction to Photovoice and a demonstration on implementing Photovoice, conducting analysis, and reporting findings.